RSS or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is known for men in Khaki knickers and also for its every day Shakhas.

One of the key attractions of these Shakha’s is the games that the participants or Swayamsevak play every morning to keep themselves physically fit.

These games are carefully handpicked and often designed by Sharirik Pramukh (Head of Physical Training) of RSS.

“The aim is to make the cadre physically fit, but to also make them aware of the developments in the society”—a euphemism for transmitting political ideas” Shakha Pramukh (Head of Shakha) told Caravan magazine.

i.e Kashmir hamara hai (Kashmir is ours) is a game designed for RSS members to strengthen the fact that the disputed area of Kashmir was integral part of the country.

Similarly, Main Shivaji or I am Shivaji game idolises 17th century Maratha warrior who fought against Muslim sultanate.

Neta ki pehchan (Spot the leader), a newly introduced game, is played to identify the leader among themselves.

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