When was the last time you saw someone’s tattoo and said it’s cool.

But have you ever thought that these tattoos have a meaning and purpose as well.

Yes they have, especially the traditional Indian tattoo, which is dying a slow death in new India. As its meaning no longer make any sense to new generation.

i.e A tattoo on a woman’s forehead was believed to auspicious for safe delivery of her child. Similarly, famous tattoo Sita ki Rasoi or (Sita’s kitchen) was considered to be lucky for a woman managing household.

Five dot Tattoo in a cross, reminds one of how Draupadi happily lived with her five husbands.

“Earlier a tattoo was worn for religious purpose. After that it was identified with social hierarchy, occupation and then caste. Today it has become a fashion statement. The art still stays relevant and practiced in tribes. It is being redefined in urban areas, as there is disconnect between today’s generation and earlier ethos ” researcher Swapna Samel told Caravan magazine.

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