From outside Inner Space salon, near Bengaluru’s Chinnaswamy stadium, is just like any other affordable salon.

One can pay Rs 100 to get a stylish haircut.

Only the regulars know the difference.

The Salon is owned by G. Ramesh Babu, a billoner, who owns feet of 256 luxury cars including a Rolls Royce, 6 BMWs, 9 Mercedes, a Jaguar, 3 Audis.

“I started with renting out my cars to Intel and to other small clients locally. As it was going well, I took a brave step and bought my first E class Mercedes. This was because at that time there was no taxi rental service which rented out luxury cars, even for big delegates,” Babu told Deccan Herald.

Despite the riches, Ramesh Babu gives hair cut to his regular clients in the evening every day.

Some of his clients come from as far as Kolkata and Mumbai.

Some of his car rental clients include the Bachchan’s and SRK.

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