A Vietnamese man has recently requested genetic testing of his two year old twins, to know if he was their biological father.

The result surprised many, including researchers and scientist across the world.

The lab result said that he was the father of one among the twins. His wife, however, was the biological mother of both of them, the lab clarified to confirm that there was no hospital goof-up.

The man’s friend and relative pressurised for the test, as one of the babies looked completely different from him and the other child.

One of the kids has thick, wavy hair, while the other has thin, straight hair.

“This can happen if two eggs from the same mother are fertilised by sperm from two different men during separate acts of sexual intercourse within the same ovulation period” Le Dinh Luong, president of the Genetic Association of Vietnam, told news agency AFP.

The lab withheld the name of the couple to maintain privacy.

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