If you are a cricket fan and don’t like to miss matches whenever India is playing, than you must have noticed Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s penchant for collecting stumps.

But not many know why Dhoni or Captain cool does that.

“I have to do my post-cricket plans you see. I don’t mark the stumps that I collect. I’d watch the matches, look at the stumps and say ‘ok, this is from that match’. I have enough to keep me occupied for years,” Dhoni told Zee news, while hiding the real reason.

But the real reason for Dhoni collecting stumps is his childhood friend Kulbinder, a Nepali watchman’s son.

While Dhoni became a cricketing superstar his childhood friend, who also encouraged him to take cricket, didn’t do well in career.

Kulbinder, didn’t like to take any financial help from Mahi, but love to collect stumps of matches in which Indian wins.

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