A man in his 20s, hailing from a small town, comes to mega city Delhi with big dreams and few rupees in pocket.

He doesn’t know how to read and write English, the language of blue collar India, few years back, but still manages to reach on top with sheer hard work and never say die attitude.

Sounds filmy?

This is the real life story of Vijay Shekhar Sharma (37), founder and CEO of PayTM, a Noida based e-commerce company, who hates reading fiction as he feels that it is not inspiring at all.

“When winning is about not giving up. When doing all that you can, gets a new meaning “Sharma told Business Insider

Sharma, a native of Aligarh, UP with his lower middle class upbringing, started PayTM in 2010.

Today ( March 2016) his company is valued at $3 bn.

Despite the huge success, Sharma never refers anyone in his company as ‘Employees’, but as ‘Colleagues’ or ‘Teammates’.

Son of a humble school teacher, Sharma, loves music and boasts himself as the resident DJ at One97, PayTM’s parent company.

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