The line between popular and real news is blurring in the mainstream
media these days.

Not too long ago, media houses were a platform for people to voice their issues and concern.

The role of media houses in India’s struggle against the Raj and its rule is a case in point.

During those days profit and loss didn’t matter, but stories and headlines.

Most of the powerful media houses in India were started before
independence, and it was Marwari community, known for their business
acumen, invested in the business which was bound to make losses.

“One had to be ready to lose money in this business for a purpose, and
that’s how I believe a majority of Marwaris got into the media
business. They wanted to support the cause of our nation’s
independence struggle.” Shobhna Bhartia, owner of Hindustan Times told
to Forbes.

Here is the complete list of Indian media houses owned by Marwaries :

1) The Times Group  2)  HT Media 3) The Express Group  4) Jagran
Prakashan 5) DB Corp  6)  The Essel Group  7) Rajasthan Patrika 8)
Lokmat Media.

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