They say, what goes around comes back.

A Thai man, behind a $20 mn gem heist in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, decided to become a monk after karma came back to haunt him, almost three decades after the theft.

Kriangkrai Techamong, who stole the expensive gem in 1989, became the reason of feud between the Kingdom and Thailand after the “Blue Diamond Affair”, which is yet to be resolved.

The local authorities returned some of the precious jewels, but the Kingdom said that most of the jewels were counterfeits.

A 50-carat blue diamond remains missing, till date.

Local media reported that the man became a Monk after he and his family were stuck by “avalanche” of suffering after the heist.

“I am confident that all my misfortunes are the result of a curse from the (blue) Saudi diamond I stole, so I’ve decided to enter monkhood for the rest of my life to redeem my bad karma,” he told Thai Rath newspaper.

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