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Moods Planet store, India’s first condom showroom, recently opened in Goa’s capital Panaji, which also happens to be one of the popular tourist destination for both domestic and global tourists.

The concept of condom showroom is fairly new in the country of more than 1 billion people where sex is still considered to be a “dirty” word.

The first Moods Planet store first opened in 2009 in Trivandrum and another one was added in Kochi in 2014, though they operate as stand alone condom stores only.

“Condoms are available at all pharmacies and supermarkets, but the
locals feel more comfortable walking in here. They can browse through
the products at leisure, ask us questions, compare products — all
without judgment or embarrassment ” Nitesh Kerkar, manager of the
showroom told Womens News.

Besides condom the products like lubricants, mood enhancers like perfumed candles, body glitter and nipple tassels are available wrapped as a large red gift box called Amour.

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