He may be a living legend today, but there were days when the ‘God of Cricket’ himself had to walk few kilometers on foot to reach home, as he didn’t have was not having a single penny in his pocket.

After playing for Mumbai Under-15 team in Pune, 12-year old Sachin Tendulkar, had to walk nearly 10 kms from Mumbai CST station to his home in Dadar, with two heavy bags.

“I had finished everything and when I came back to Mumbai by train there was not a penny in my pocket. I was carrying two big bags, we got off at Dadar station and from Dadar station I had to walk to Shivaji Park because I had no money in my pocket,” the 43-year-old, who is named after Music Director Sachin Dev Barman told news agency PTI.

Today, Sachin Tendulkar fleet of cars, mostly BMWs. He previously owned a FERRARI 360 MODENA, as well.


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