Mohit Tejpal (25), an award winning photographer, would have never thought that his picture could change the life of a couple, and turn the story of two friends into a heart-warming love story.

It happened when Mohit, out on a project, asked a random couple to hold hands under one of the arches facing the Taj Mahal, so that he could get a perfect shot.

The picture won him the ‘Judges Choice Travel Photography Award’ organised by Photofie.

When France-based couple Mourad Beji and Colombine Ruiz saw their photograph online, they couldn’t stop themselves from messaging Mohit, and sharing their love story.

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The couple, who had met with each other on their India travel, first held each other’s hand for Mohit’s shoot fell in love with each other, later.

Two years has passed since the day, and couple is still very much in love.


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