Karan Johar’s book “An Unsuitable Boy” is out, and here are some of the revelations the actor-director has made in his autobiography

Karan Johar’s sexual orientation

Karan’s first sexual encounter was at the age of 26, but this was not something he was “proud” of. In fact, he paid for sex in New York. First time he could not consummate, and it took a week for him to come back again.

25 years of friendship with Kajol

” Something happened that disturbed me deeply which I will not talk about because it is something that I like to protect and I feel it would not be fair to her or to me. After two-and-a-half decades, Kajol and I don’t talk at all ” 

On Jealousy and competition in Bollywood

” I used to sometimes wish their films wouldn’t do as well as they did. I used to be troubled by Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s brilliance. I used to be affected that I couldn’t write a film like Raju Hirani,”


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