Every single day around 50 lakhs soaps made their way to dumping grounds across the world.

These soaps are either barely used or remained untouched by the occupants of the hotel room.

An NGO Clean the World has partnered with 5000 hotels across geographies to recycle these soaps in center in United States and Hong Kong. The NGO is giving it to families, schools and all those who are in need.

With the initiative, they intend to save millions of lives who die every year because of diseases that can be easily preventable with better hygiene.

As per a UNICEF report around 14 lakh children die ever year from pneumonia and cholera, diseases that can be prevented by maintaining basic hygiene.

A soap can make a lot of difference in lives of these people.

“Soap impacts health. Soap impacts one’s environment. Soap impacts economic issues. Soap impacts the rate at which infectious disease spreads ” founder Shawn Seipler told CNN.


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