Just like any couple, they met, fell in love, and would tie the nuptial knot.

What makes this love story an extraordinary tale is its two protagonists – an IAS officer and MLA.

Thiruvananthapuram Congress MLA K S Sabarinadhan and district’s sub collector Divya S Iyer is a match made in havens.

On Tuesday, Sabarinadhan updated his relationship status on social networking site Facebook as ‘committed’ and posted, ” I met sub collector Dr Divya S Iyer at Thiruvananthapuram. When we became close, we learned that our ideas, interests and perspectives are similar. With the love and blessings of both families, Divya will soon join me as my partner. We expect all your blessings”.

Sabarinadhan’s father, former speaker and late Congress stalwart, G Karthikeyan. Karthikeyan courted his mother M T Sulekha.

And when their families opposed the romance the rising politician and the college professor eloped to get married.


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