Ranbir Kapoor is the scion of the first Family of Bollywood — The Kapoors, having a strong presence of around nine decades in over 100 years old cinema in India.

He shares a good rapport with his father Rishi Kapoor, but there is something which is still missing in their relationship.

While writing the ‘Forward’ of father Rishi Kapoor’s autobiography – Rishi Kapoor Uncensored Khullam Khulla Ranbir talked openly about their relationship.

Here is what he said about it

I feel that Dad modeled his relationship with me on the one he shared with his own father. And it is true that I have never crossed a certain line with him. But there is no sense of loss or vacuum here. I do wish sometimes that I could be friendlier with him or even spend some more time with him, “ Dad, how are you doing?” but we do not have that. We do not have a phone relationship.

However, the young Kapoor refrained from making comment on Papa Kapoor’s latest love of tweeting controversies, these days.

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