May last year, a video of singer Sonu Nigam surfaced on the internet where he was seen in a make-up of a beggar and sang a song on a roadside in Mumbai.

Unrecognised, Sonu with his beautiful voice managed to pull a crowd. A few of them were seen recording his voice on their mobile device.

A year after Sonu broke his silence on the act, and said it was a spiritual act,

“It was a spiritual act. A lot of things around me and influence make me The Sonu Nigam, otherwise, I am just a singer worth Rs 12” Sonu told India TV’s Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat.

Sonu was referring to the Rs 12 a young man had handed him during his act as a street singer while asking if he had breakfast.

The singer had that Rs 12 framed in his office, where it is placed on his wall of fame having several awards and recognition he had won.

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