Yogeshwar Dutt, a bronze medallist of London Olympics 2012, is training some 80 kids aged between 10 to 17 at his newly opened wrestling academy in Bali, some 30 Km from Sonipath in Haryana.

These kids stay in the academy to learn the art of wrestling from the Olympian himself, who wants them to learn some Russian along with the tactics.

Russian is the language which the powerhouse nation in wrestling speaks.

Countries, which were once part of the former Soviet Union, like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Belarus produce some of the top-class wrestlers in the world. During the Rio Olympic together these Russian-speaking nation cornered 35 medals of the 72.

 “These (Russian-speaking countries) are the most important countries in wrestling. So if we learn their language, it will be hugely beneficial for our wrestler. They can’t understand our language. But if we learn theirs, it will give us a distinct advantage” Dutt told Indian Express.

USA, Iran, Bulgaria and Japan are the countries having a strong presence in wrestling.


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