Tech giant Apple recently added another feather to its cap. The company became first in US company to have a market capitalisation of $800 billion or around Rs 51.4 lakh cr (with current conversion rate).

So, if Apple was a country that it would have been the world’s 17th largest economy.

And in case we add the combined wealth of three tech giants — Apple, Alphabet (now parent company of Google) and Microsoft would be staggering $2 trillion. It is worth a mention that the combined weather of 5400 companies listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange ( BSE) India’s key market index is $1.9 trillion or say Rs 125 lakh crore.

To give a clearer picture, as per International Monetary Fund the GDP of India (a country of 1.3 billion) stood to $ 2.2 trillion in 2016.

Besides, combined the GDP of 119 countries like Bulgaria, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Luxembourg and neighbouring Myanmar, equals to these three tech giants.


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