A ‘hungry’ goat in UP’s Kanpur district chewed up 33 currency notes, each of Rs 2000 denomination, of her master.

Sarvesh Kumar Pal, a farmer by occupation, had kept Rs 66, 000 is his pocket for the purchase of bricks for his under-construction house.

The farmer, somehow, managed to save two currency notes in damaged condition. The fate of rest of the 31 notes was unknown.

“I was taking a bath and the money was kept in the pocket of my trousers. Notorious for eating all kinds of paper products, the goat seized the chance to munch on its favourite food. What to do, my goat is like a child to me,” Sarvesh told Times of India with a broad smile.

Villagers, however, are giving unsolicited advice to Pal, some of it as horrifying as selling the goat to a butcher, as it brought misfortune to the family. One of the advisers suggested to hand over the goat to police, as it had committed a serious crime.

Pal had a hearty laugh on all the advice and said “We can’t be cruel to our pet. It is like our own child,” Sarvesh and his wife told TOI.

People from nearby villages, after hearing the story, are visiting the goat in substantial number. Some of them are even clicking a selfie with the pet.


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