Social media has become so powerful tool that Film Stars, Athletes, TV actors use it to get a discount up to 60% while buying luxury cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes. Rates of the discount are directly proportional to the star power and social media footprints of the star.

In return, these luxe car makers want celebs to post the vehicle’s pictures on their social media profiles to reach their target audience.  The stars are also asked to be present on few occasions as a premier buyer of the product.

“The company understandably offers heavy discounts owing to the social clout of these celebrities, which helps in showcasing the product automatically to the target audience,” a senior luxury brand marketer told Times of India.

Brands, as an innovative way, to offer a deep discount to celebs give them a car for a test drive, then sell the same car to them as a ‘used-car’ on a hefty discount.

This is altogether a different arrangement from endorsing a brand where a celebrity engages full time with luxe car marker for a longer period. Here he or she just acts as an influencer of social media platform.


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