In a short span of time, Bira 91 has become one of the popular beer brands in India.  The brand was launched in the year 2015 and reported sales of 1.5 lakh cases, by the end of the year. The figure jumped to 7 lakh cases in the year 2016.

On the successful two years journey of Bira 91, here we bring you some of the interesting facts –

  • Bira 91 was founded by Ankur Jain in the year 2015, after his return from the USA in the year 2007. Jain, who was running a heath care start-up in New York, had no prior experience in the liquor industry. To get a foothold in the business he started importing beers in India.
  • India, as they say, is a price sensitive market. Keeping this in mind Bira 91’s pint bottle (330 ml) was sold at Rs 90. It is worth a mention that as Alcoholic drinks are taxed by volume in India, Beer becomes expensive than hard drinks.
  • The company claims that Bira 91 Light is the lowest calorie drink available in the country, in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic segment. Jain said that a pint of Bira 91 contains less calorie than a glass of milk or orange juice.
  • Number 91 in the brand name Bira stands for the country code of India.
  • The company has so far raised a funding of $22 million from Sequoia Capital and few other investors. The company, as per the last reports, was set for another round of $ 25 million funding from PE major TGP growth.


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